IoT India Congress is India’s largest unified platform for accelerating business outcomes in IoT. The two-day event between September 14-15, 2017 will bring together decision makers and stakeholders from across sectors to discuss how the Internet of Things adoption could propel business forward by improving efficiencies and demonstrated cost savings. The focus of this second edition is also to help delegates ‘touch, feel and experience’ the Internet of Things like never before. Witness the future of this technology at our IoT Live Zones.

Our sectors of focus this year are Healthcare, Smart Living, Manufacturing and New Technologies in IoT and the way they could change the way we live and do businesses. A separate session on renewing Ganga river using the power of Internet of Things will also be presented.

Understanding ‘India’rnet of things

The number of Internet connected devices (12.5 billion) surpassed the number of human beings (7 billion) on the planet in 2011, and by 2020, Internet connected devices are expected to number between 26 billion and 50 billion globally.

One of the most important technologies that will connect all sectors will be Internet of Things (IoT). With 1.9bn devices expected to be connected in India alone, by 2023, IoT and related technologies assume relevance of significant proportions. Across sectors we will see energy, power grids, vehicles, homes, entire cities and manufacturing floors, computers and mobile devices being connected.

With India expected to secure 20% of the global US$ 300 Billion Internet of Things (IoT) market by 2020 and IoT business growth in India expected to have a projected Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28%.

The relatively nascent nature of the phenomenon brings with it the various challenges like technology silos & protocol multiplicity, security and social dynamics which makes a clear case for collaborative approach in implementation.

Preparing India for IoT

To accelerate adoption and bring a concerted and result-oriented approach in the fragmented IoT Space, an India IoT panel was constituted by IET India with the support of IET to play the role of a neutral credible commentator in the IoT space focused on India.

The panel, being a first of its kind in India, focuses not only on technology but the application aspect of IoT in various segments. The IET India IoT panel will be guided by a Global Advisory Body.

The focus is to facilitate discussions that will help in making the inevitable connected world more efficient, smart, innovative and safe. It will focus on technology, security and regulatory concerns and the need for nurturing capabilities and talent for a quicker adoption of IoT in all spheres.

The panel also constitutes sub panels / working groups focusing on the application of IoT in Agriculture, Retail, Energy and Healthcare domains. Each of these sub panels will work towards undertaking neutral pilots and studies and publishing white papers around the application of IoT in the respective domains.

The IET India IoT Panel will provide a platform for stakeholders to participate in becoming an authoritative, but neutral voice for the evolving movement of IoT in India.

It aims to enable all the IoT practitioners (including people from the hardware – devices, portables, sensors, software, business) and IoT enablers (including people from regulatory and training areas, investors in IoT, end users) to work together on relevant areas to make this industry efficient as well as robust. The panel envisions laying a solid foundation by supporting policy makers and industry in the next step of adoption of IoT.