Focused On Business

Empowering business through IoT

With 1.9bn devices expected to be connected in India alone, by 2023, IoT and related technologies assume relevance of significant proportions. Across sectors we will see energy, power grids, vehicles, homes, entire cities and manufacturing floors, computers and mobile devices being connected.

IoT Congress 2017 focuses on the business outcomes that will power these changes in mainstream and largescale adoption of IoT. To enable this, IoT Congress 2017
has conceptualised a few initiatives which will set in motion, a set of engagements that will hopefully culminate in strengthening the ecosystem by birding technology with opportunity and bring together vast numbers of uninitiated into discovering the power of IoT that c make transformational changes.

CEO Meets

IOT India Congress will feature an interface program in which CEOs of organisations who would like to adopt IoT based solutions and technology into their existing businesses, or look at greenfield opportunities, will be offered focused interaction, presentation and demonstration sessions by heads of key IoT technology and solution providers. These sessions would provide valuable macro, executive level insights into the business of IoT and the opportunities and transformational possibilities so that business owners can take informed decisions on solutions and strategy to be pursued based on their own vision and needs.

SME Meets

SMEs are the backbone of the Indian Industrial Infrastructure. They are the vital cogs in the big Indian industrial machine and hence one of the critical components of the IoT adoption ecosystem. The SME meet will provide small business owners deep insights on how IoT can transform and align their business to modern practices, technological changes and maximise their systems in the
times of super optimal productivity.

Argonaut | Startup + Investor Meets

This provides the much needed interface for new ideas to meet required capital and investments. This brings together startups pitching ideas and concepts seeking investments to scale up or to a set of willing investors and companies who are on the lookout for new ideas to expand their businesses into or derive synergies from a technology partnership to strategically augment to their portfolio of IoT products.