IoT ecosystem in India is poised to see a quantum leap in the coming days. Amplified by the concerted efforts of the government and the continuous and rapidly expanding ecosystem, IoT is fast becoming a stepping stone to a connected future.

India is playing an important role in playing the catalyst through its role as a development centre enriched by the strong scientific temperament and conducive start-up climate. Many Fledgling start-ups are already doing exemplary work in the IoT space that has larger impact and business implications. It is time to recognise and reward these talents.

The IoT India Congress Start-up Awards rewards and celebrates these brave pioneers and seeks to provide them a stage and spotlight to launch themselves to a global arena.

Are you a young company (less than 5 years of being in business) and making breakthroughs in IoT? Nominate your company for the IoT India Congress Start-up Awards.

Who should enter?

  • Are you an IoT start-up (5 years or less in business) registered in India?
  • Have you made breakthroughs in monetizing your IoT Product or solutions?
  • Do you have a unique and winning business model in the IoT?
  • Why should you enter?

Why should you enter?

  • Showcase the work your organization has been doing to the who’s-who in the IoT industry
  • Visibility in leading media outlets
  • Raise your profile to potential investors, employees and customers
  • Expand your network and connect with peers

If your answer is Yes to most of the questions above, then why not enter the IoT Start-Up Award and showcase your exemplary work to those who matter in the world of IoT?

Deadline for application: July 30, 2017

Jury Panel

Arun Jain

Director-Sales & Marketing,

Texas Instruments India Pvt Ltd

Arvind Tiwari

Chair IoT Forum,


Sanjeev Malhotra

CEO – IOT Centre of Excellence, Nasscom

Shradha Sharma

Founder & CEO, YourStory Media

Vivek Sharma

Managing Director, STMicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd.

Pre-Jury Panel

Amitabh Sinha

Co-Founder & CSO,

Anoop Nair

Head – Business Consulting, Attinad Software

Arun Nagasai

Co-Founder, SensiBridge

Ganesh Shankar

Founder & Managing Director, aFluxGen Engineering Technologies

Himanshu Kumar

Founder, ANGLE Paisa

Kavya Dommetti

Director, iBuild Innovations India

Mohan Raju

Regional Manager, Bharti Airtel Limited

Shivoo Koteshwar

Director, MediaTek India

Sreejith Kumar S

Co-Founder & CTO, Pinpark (Oama Parking Solutions Pvt Ltd)

Vaidyanathan A K

Founder & Managing Director,

Personal Air Quality Systems Pvt Ltd.